Investigating pet ai crashes - specifically Annie's Tibbers, Shaco's Hallucinate, and Ivern's Daisy

Hello! Internally we monitor crashes that occur on PBE so that we can prevent the most serious offenders asap. One of the things that I am personally trying to figure out right now is that we have a crash that is connected to the usage of Annie R, shaco R, and Ivern R. When using these abilities, there is a chance that all players in the game will be kicked out and there will be no match history to speak of. This makes it especially hard for me to figure out what is happening because I can't watch the replays of games where these crashes are happening. If anyone feels like they have context on these pets making the game crash, please respond in this thread and let me know what you know and especially give me any recordings of the crash in action. Once I have a reliable repro for the issue, investigation into the root cause is significantly easier. I've searched the forums as far as I believe is appropriate for existing crash reports involving annie. This is the only one that I found and someone in the comments pointed out that it was because of the Udyr in this game, and that poster is probably correct that the Udyr is probably why this specific game crashed. The udyr issue should be resolved on PBE by the time people see my post, so if annie and udyr are both in a game and they crash, it'll probably be because of Annie's Tibbers henceforth and not Udyr Q/E. link to the previous report that was believed to be annie but was actually Udyr in this specific case.
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