Ally Tahm Kench devour (W) destroys Mordekaiser (R) Ult ghost

When Tahm Kench devours ally Morde's enemy ghost, TK makes the animation as if to spit back out the ghost but nothing comes out. Spooky! For the Morde player, his ult icon still glows and has the animation as if he's still controlling a pet but cannot give it any move/attack commands. It does not go on cooldown until the pet timer expires. Repro Steps: 1. Go into a game (could be custom) with a friend as Morde & Tahm Kench on same team 2. Level up Tahm Kench's W, Mordekaiser's R 3. Get a kill with Morde with his ult active on enemy champion 4. Have Tahm Kench use Devour on Morde's new ghost 5. Reactivate Tahm Kench's W - Devour 6. Notice Tahm Kench makes spit out animation and nothing comes out 7. For the Morde player, notice that his ult icon still has the golden box and is not on cooldown Not sure if the ghost was intended to be targetable to be devoured by ally Tahm Kench. Would be overpowered if enemy Tahm Kench could destroy Morde's ult just like that *snap*

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