I just found a way to skip login queue. Rito: Delete this thread after you see instead of bother fix

I got disconneted from client after finished TFT game, ofc had open client from yesterday. Then i saw 20h queue. Got mad as fuck because i planned to play today all day and some fucking DC destroyed my plans. But i asked myself: "Wait, there must be a way to "deceive" it somehow. And oh God... I feel so stupid at myself that i waited last 2 days couple of hours and didn't try to figure that out. After just 30 seconds Im now always 1 person depending for log in to the server xD I will just give you an advice: "LeagueClientSettings config file". Change one, maybe two "digits" and you're ready to play when everyone is bumping into 24h queue. I just have one request for you: "Don't make it "big" by some reddit or sh1t like that. Just let know your friends so you can play TFT together and anytime! The less people know, then better. That's why im asking for deleting this thread. Are you reading this message too, Mr. Rito games person? If yes then just delete and let's forget about it. If you're fast enough then that 10-20 people will got an happy TFT Sunday. ;) I just found it out and Im so #Shocked&Amazed that I felt like I must share it with someone. :D

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