Increased amount of AFK Bug

**Bug Area:** League Of Legends Client and In Game - Loading Screen, happened while trying to test Hexakill playing as Evelynn **Increased amount of AFK Restriction Bug - Short Summary** I was trying to test Hexakill on pbe but when I reached the champ selection screen, after choosing the champ and locking in, the client crashed and I had to restart my whole computer, after that I tried reconnecting but it would still crash until my last attempt when I could successfully connect to the game but after it I received low queue for increased activity of AFK which I haven't had but just once (all what I'm describing in this request), and after getting the low queue I'm unable to join any queue since they're locked and I'm not able to complete the 10 game low queue restriction... so I don't know if this is a bug or it's intentional but I would like to know if it's possible to get that ban out of my pbe account since it was not intentional from me to get disconnected and make everyone lose... Thank You! **Here is an example bug that was reported a while ago to your live team and fixed:** [CRITICAL] Game keeps crashing before the loading screen This Ping tho submitted 3 years ago in Bugs When Custom game starts (before the loading screen) the game just crashes and I try to reconnec't but it doesn't work. [PBE] [Crash] Game Client Doctor Fuji (NA) submitted 5 months ago in Report a Bug The PBE boards are down, so I thought it was best to post the issue here. When a game ends, there is the option to click continue to return to the post-game patch. However, whenever I click 'continue' the game closes, but I am not brought to the post game chat. Instead, I have to re-open in the PBE client and sign in again. I'm not sure why this error occurs, and I wish to fix this error as soon as possible. **You can Recreate this bug using a MacBook Pro:** Hit the League of Legends Pbe Icon Join the Hexakill Queue Choose your Champion Lock in and wait for everyone to lock The game won't start and it freezes in the locking champ screen
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