Broken Client

Uninstalled and re-downloaded client a few times. I can log in immediately after it downloads and updates but it won't load the game select screen where you pick roles. If it does, it won't let me select roles. If it lets me select roles, i can't start the queue to get into a game. If it lets me select a queue It doesn't show me as being in queue, but IF the queue pops, it holds me with the queue accept ring and doesn't bring me to champion select, although i can see my potential teammates in the chat during the "champ select" that i'm not in. Once i log out, if i click on the icon to open the client, login screen pops up as a blue square and i can't close it out, login, or report a bug as none of the buttons/options are there. Repairing the client doesn't seem to work either. Re-downloading the client only lets me log in once as i mentioned before, but continuing with the same problems.
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