[TFT] champions walk pathing is poor

If one of your units in TFT is behind your others in a group, and also out of range, to walk around to get in range, thee champion will step and stop. step and stop. step and stop. What happened: What I had to see this is, I had four champions grouped all adjacent together in a diamond. I believe it was garen in the center spot of the front line, kassadin to his right, and warwick to the right and back adjacent square. Nidalee is in the nook left behind them. This was designed to have the four in a group to face a right-corner enemy team. But the enemy team was on the left of the map instead. Warwick, furthest from the enemies, walked around the other allies, but his walking was awkward. he'd walk to the next spot, but then stop. Then he'd start again, and then stop. This behavior continued until he reached the enemy frontline. Later on this happened with Lissandra as well. I had another group, kindred in the center of the group. She's on the cener-right square of the middle line. Four melee units surrounder her two in front, two to her side. Braum, volibear, warwick, leona in that order left to right. then Gnar, ashe, lissandra behind her, in that order. they form a gouped circle. The enemy spawns on the left corner of the map, and the battle starts. lissandra is out of range, so she walks around the right side of the group, and, she walks a square, then stops. then walks a square, and stops. She does this four or five times before she is in range to attack.

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