[3.15] Verified Bug Reports (Updated 12/10)

Verified bug reports are issues that have gone through Riot’s internal process and are ready for prioritization and development. For example, if a tester reports that Caitlyn’s traps are knocking players into the air, we'll internally reproduce the issue and also make a sweep to see if all Snare effects are affected before starting work on a fix for the issue. Every bug on this list has been verified, but the list doesn’t reflect how bugs are prioritized against each other or whether or not they've been fixed. Keep in mind that some bugs may take a few patches to resolve. For more information on our goals for this thread, [check out this discussion](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/o5OG3spX-improving-how-we-communicate-about-your-bug-reports). - - - **12/9 UPDATE**: Because of this past weekend's priority on catching up from our PBE revert, our teams have asked for a bit more time to get their latest bug work documentation in. We're expecting an update within the next two days. **12/5 UPDATE**: We're reverting the PBE back to a build from last week due to the major issues we've been encountering. Many of the bugs that have been reported over 3.15 may resurface. We'll be deploying more frequently in the coming days to reapply our fixes. [More information here.](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/4zEiHoBd-125-pbe-issues-update-feature-rollback) **12/4 MAJOR ISSUE**: Most AI units (minions, pets, towers) are not behaving properly - for example, not recognizing or reacting to other units, including champions in some cases. This is causing Summoner's Rift games to crash or end in error. - - - This is the current list of tester-reported verified issues on the 3.15 beta version of League of Legends, and was last updated **Dec 10**. **VERIFIED ISSUES (thanks for reporting!)** **General** * The Summoner profile tab of the AIR client becomes locked on the profile of the first summoner you search for * "Missing Required Variable" error messages are frequently appearing * When disabling sound effects, sound effects will continue to play in your next game if League of Legends is minimized, up until it is maximized * In-game scrolling occasionally breaks entirely. Please visit [this thread](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/gv4GhE6q-bug-workaround-screen-scroll-lock-stuck) for the known work-around so you can continue to test until we develop a fix. * AI units are not registering other units, resulting in errant movement and attack behavior. * The in-game store will occasionally fail to either load or generate an error message, resulting in a completely blank page * Snowstorm Sivir and Snow Day Singed remain purchasable after being unlocked **Garen** * Judgment (E) is missing its first tick (only applying damage and effects 5 out of 6 times) **Janna** * Zephyr (W) can scale past 100% slow, preventing the target from moving **Jarvan IV** * Martial Cadence (Passive) triggers on towers * Martial Cadence (Passive) animation and sound effect randomly triggers on autoattacks which are not amplified by its effects * Autoattacks affected by this bug deal no damage to inhibitors **Malzahar** * Slaying Malzahar also kills active Voidlings, granting additional last-hit gold for each Voidling on top of Malzahar's kill bounty * If Malzahar dies when Summon Voidling (Passive) is ready to activate, a Voidling will spawn but perform no action * If Malzahar casts Malefic Visions (E) shortly before dying, the spawned Voidling will follow (but not attack) the affected target **Riven** * Ki Burst (W) and Wind Slash (R) are using placeholder particles (blue squares) * The "Ready to cast" buff icon for Wind Slash (R) remains on Riven's buff bar until Blade of the Exile expires, regardless of when Riven casts Wind Slash. **Singed** * When facing an enemy Singed, Poison Trail (Q)'s particles disappear if Singed leaves your team's vision, but will continue to apply damage and effects **Taric** * Gemcraft (Passive) triggers off incomplete spellcasts **Thresh** * Death Sentence (Q) cauess Thresh's chain to vanish when he enters the 'throw' animation **Twitch** * Ambush (Q) cooldown initiates on cast and restarts again when leaving stealth **Wukong** * Decoy (W) clone heals itself instead of Wukong when picking up health relics **Yasuo** * An error message is displayed when loading into a game with Yasuo * When silenced, Basic attacks are disabled if they would critically strike * **Animations** * Taunt and joke animations don't play while Yasuo's sword is unsheathed * After capturing the Greater Relic in Dominion, Yasuo is stuck in his "capturing" animation until using an ability * Tiamat and Ravenous Hydra active effects don't trigger Yasuo's attack animation * Yasuo does not resheathe his sword for the rest of the game after using Tiamat's active effect * **Intent/Resolve (Passive)** * Flow is referred to as "resource" in several places and "Heat" in the in-game Champion profile menu (C menu) * Flow is generated when Yasuo recalls * After purchasing an item with critical strike chance, Intent takes a few seconds to add additional critical strike chance. * **Steel Tempest (Q)** * ~~Only applies on-hit effects to the first target hit~~ CertainlyT has clarified that this is the intended functionality. * When used with Sweeping Blade (E), the Q stack icon displays an error message * Critical strike Q damage isn't properly amplified by Infinity Edge's passive * The whirlwind proc isn't applying on-hit effects * **Wind Wall (W)** * Currently blocking tower shots, generating error messages when shots are blocked * Outer tower shots are not being blocked (this is the intended behavior for all towers) * Wind Wall (W) blocks Vi's Assault and Battery (R) if cast second * If Wind Wall (W) blocks Draven's Whirling Death (R), Draven must press R again before Whirling Death's cooldown initiates * Ranged jungle monsters become completely idle if Wind Wall is placed between them and Yasuo * Caster and Cannon minions do not autoattack if Wind Wall is placed between them and Yasuo * **Sweeping Blade (E)** * Yasuo ignores unit collision while he has stacks of Ride the Wind (Sweeping Blade's damage amplification effect) * **Last Breath (R)** * When Last Breath's target dies mid-cast, the target immediately falls to the ground while Yasuo stays suspended in the air for the remainder of Last Breath's duration **Items** * Liandry's Torment * Attributed as "zephyrslamentburn" with no icon in the Death recap screen * Spirit of the Spectral Wraith * The entire tooltip is displayed in gold font * Scrying Orb (blue trinket) * Scrying Orb is unpurchasable **Summoner's Rift** * In Custom games, enemy bots will not react to the player's lane choices if bots are also added to the player's team * Damage from Baron Nashor isn't recorded in the Death recap screen * Several brush patches have blind spots **The Crystal Scar** * The end-of-game screen for Dominion incorrectly uses Summoner's Rift iconography in its column headers if the previous match played was on Summoner's Rift **Masteries** * Stat gains in several masteries are improperly phrased * The Offensive mastery Executioner (T3) is increasing damage against minions and monsters * Defensive masteries Tenacious (T5) and Legendary Guardian (T6) have their names reversed **Menus & UI** * Ally team kills are misplaced on the Scoreboard (tab menu) **Mac client** * Jinx's Zap! (W) creates extraneous pink lines on the map
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