[Bugs] Vel'Koz, the chat, and the mini-map bugs.

Hello and welcome to my list of bugs I found in the 4 games today. So let's get started... **Vel'Koz:** He has been watching us for quite some time now, so long that in fact he is tired and will not speak. Vel'koz is a mute and all of his sound effects are gone, although I do not know if those files were added or not so this may be false. There is a bug with his ultimate, I am not sure if this is intended but he can channel his ultimate flash and still have it going. I personally did not make it happen but a Vel'Koz from an earlier game did it to follow his target after a skirmish. **The Chat:** This has two bugs so it will be broken into two sections,scroll fast or it may disappe</fo * Scroll bar: [Picture one, ](http://apollo-pbe-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/1392179627716/chat_slider_error_1.png)[ and two](http://apollo-pbe-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/1392179634633/chat_slider_error_2.png) There are two pictures attached that will assist in visualizing the bug. After looking at them continue with this paragraph. So with the bar 100% down there was no chat showing, and as I scrolled up it shown more and more. Not like normal scrolling but it revealed text that was supposed to be there. * Chat codes: [Picture one, ](http://apollo-pbe-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/1392179639313/Chat_cut_error_1.png)[ and two](http://apollo-pbe-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/1392179644052/Chat_cut_error_2.png) There are two more pictures attached that will assist in showing the rouge letters appearing. So in picture one you can see this is in the beginning of the game and everyone is buying their (Trinkets) but the game is cutting off their text such as showing "(Trink" "(Trin". The other part of this bug is certain [Not all] items had a weird (</f </fo </fon) after them. Never finished but just sat there. I assume it is the closing tag for </font>. Sometimes it was colored and other times it was white. I do not what else to make of it other then it only did it on items and not text. Furthermore it has been in every game I played today. **Mini-Map Bugs:** *Watching map, watching map* *Notices enemy Jungler* *Pings frantically to show the Marksmen to fall back* *Jungler is top* *Dies inside* This has been here for too many patches and this week me and a few PBE buddies decided to try and force it as much as we could. We noticed a coloration over the few jungles we have noticed with this bug. We tried the bug with... {{champion:120}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:56}} From what we compiled from this was that the champions with a blink, dash, or anything to help exit the mini-map quickly and enter the fog of war cause this. For example a gank goes well for a level 9 Kha'Zix and he flies back into the jungle. The location he exited in was the same place he popped up in when the mini-map glitched. The only thing that is a for sure is that it only bugs if the same area is not in the fog of war at the time. **Closing Statement** The mini-map bug must be stomped and I hope that Vel'Koz will oversee it all the way to the end... but since you got to the bottom and read this I guess you deserve this... THANKS FOR READING!!! . ~Lynk "I'll bring the Big One!" - {{champion:115}} PBE Tester since March, 2012!
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