PBE installation and patching crashing and freezing computers.

ok so hi guys. I'm sorry if someone brought this up already. but recently, like 2 days ago, I managed to create a PBE account and upon approval, I sent the link to my roommate as well. both of us tried downloading the PBE client, but my computer (laptop actually) crashed and freezed at least 8 times and I couldn't do anything except forcing it to shut down. after that I managed to open the client, but the installation fails and freezes my computer every time I try. I managed to login but it always freezes and I have to shut my laptop down. my roommate had no trouble downloading the client, but when he tries to patch it, his laptop which is way better in terms of hardware and all that, freezes as well. since then both of our laptops freeze pretty bad and it's come to the point I had to restore my entire system for it to stop freezing. I don't know if there's another solution but it was the only thing I could do. I'm from Brazil and I saw other people complaining about having the same issue. I'm so excited I finally made it to the PBE but I'm afraid to try and download the launcher again. I wonder what's causing this? Is there a way to solve it? English is not my first language so I'm sorry if I didn't make sense or wasn't much clear.
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