objects that can not be bought in the store

greetings, recently riot added to the pbe some gesture of the champion yuumi in the store, these gestures do not appear to me to be able to buy them and I do not know why. Another thing is that neither the special edges for the battle academy skin appear to me and I have seen that others if they appear, recently also on a page called surreder at 20 they say that the pbe added both the gestures of yuumi (the ones I want buy and I do not appear) and some orbs with the theme of battle academy. create this theme because it is not the first time that happens to me, because in the previous patch I did not have the opportunity to try the icons and borders of the invictus gaming skin, and in the patch where the last skin of lissandra came out I could try that skin because I did not go on sale in the store.
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