[Bug] Jayce Q in Hammer form has his AOE damage missplaced related to his distance with the target

[PBE] League of Legends, Jayce Q bug (Hammer)
When Jayce uses his Q in Hammer form, The AOE damage from his Q can be misplaced regardless of the distance between Jayce and the target. If Jayce is far away, his Q will hit normally. If jayce is around its attack range, the Q will slighly be separated from the target, towards Jayce and behind the target.
**Description:** Since Riot made some Jayce changes on Jayce, a lot of bugs appeared on him. Some of them are fixed, but another ones are still present. In this case, When Jayce is in Hammer form, the damage dealt with his Q can be misplaced into a different position related to Jayce position against the target before using his Q. **Steps:** 1. Pick Jayce in any map 2. At Level 1, Level up the Q skill. 3. Use the skill into a targetable enemy. 3.1 If Jayce uses his Q in between max Q range and Jayce attack range (in hammer form), the Q damage (and particles) will be on the target place 3.2 If Jayce uses his Q in between Jayce attack range (in hammer form) and almost colliiding with the target, the Q damage and its particles will be displaced behind the target. 3.3 If Jayce uses his Q colliding with the target, the Q damage and particles will be proced in front of the target and behind Jayce. **Comments:** - Despite the Q damage being moved into a different position but the target, the target will always receive the damage from Jayce Q. The only thing that changes is where the AOE damage is moved related to Jayce distance between him and the target - After looking at some videos, this bug is, at the moment, on **live** servers, not only in PBE. **Videos:** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oq4il4wj2xU

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