Xin Zhoa Q bug

Xin Zhao – Q gains attack speed on first AA Body: If Xin Zhao points into Q (dont matter how many) when he activated it he gains a small amount of attack speed Repro steps: Choose Xin Zhoa Level up Q Look at his Attack Speed activate his Q Look at his Attack Speed again I found this while testing the connect with some items and finding the AD ratio and AP for Xin Zhoa, I'm also asking you a few question to clarified a few things. 1. Does Xin Zhao passive suppose to work with Guinsoo's Rageblade? 2. Is Xin Zhao Q no longer work with Guinsoo's Rageblade? 3. Is Xin Zhao Cool down on his ability suppose to be that low? from what i can see, the .5 second slow, 1.5 second slow with a .75 second knock up is almost enough to get perma-CC in some way. Here a few picture to show proof on the bug Before the Q After the Q
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