stuck in game queue (not login) is there a way out without closing client for 12 hour queue? help :[

bugged in queue, is there a way out? bugged in permanent queue, is there a way of getting out? im also disconnected from friends/chat IGN: Setch is anyone able to invite or anything at all to get me out? tried unplugging Ethernet cable to get a reconnect thing so itll kick me out of queue, left it unplugged for over 2minutes and didnt get a reconnect pop up in client Is there a way to get the connect to client screen up? Tried using shop/loading patch notes etc, just gives me a retry failed no internet thing no client reconnect that would kick me out of queue, surely there’s a way to prompt this? Can anyone help? Anyone know a fix? edit: after 45 minutes stuck in queue trying to get a reconnect message to pop up or anything, decided to close client and risk it, instant 13 hour queue again. ugh. well i guess them 3 games i had were fun anyway. :/
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