Leblanc RR bugs and problems

Leblanc's RR is pretty good in certain situations but i've had many bad things happen because of it's AI. **Bug:** I've also noticed that when I use the RR without seeing anyone at first but then seeing them after, it decides to keep going it's way to the middle of nowhere. The wierdest thing i also found was that after it goes to the middle of nowhere and accually see's someone, it decides to keep going to the pinged location and stand there / dissapear!! It's aa the enemy that was in range of it but it didn't even cast a fake spelll **Problem** I discovered that it only goes to the closest_ currently_ seen enemy position. It has cost me many RR's in game since i only use it when they don't know my position and i have a generalized idea of their's. (like in lane) The only way i will know who the clone will go to is if there is an allied unit there and there are many times where that is not the case. Please make it so that it goes to the closest last seen enemy position.

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