4 Bugs i found in my last Game

1.) If you get executed, you won't lose the buffs you had. (not sure if bug or intended) 2.) There is a visual Bug with the Buffs. it shows that you have buffs (surronding your champ), but actually you haven't one. It can even show more than 1. (this is might caused by 1.)) 3.) Garen Bot is cheating. He bought atma's impaler, which was deleted with the last patch. 4.) The Visual Countdown of Smite is not working (atleast on the upgrade with aoe dmg + cc smite) Screenshots: http://imgur.com/56xqD58 for 2.) http://imgur.com/pxaXmpC for 3.) http://imgur.com/5tjZ4If for 1.) & 4.)
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