Nexus Blitz Push the Cart Bug

We had their middle lane tier 1 turret destroyed. They had no towers destroyed. I was pushing the cart from the middle of the mid lane, and it started going down towards the bottom turret. Then it turned a corner almost as if it changed it's mind and wanted to go towards their tier 2 middle turret. It then got stuck there, in the area with the curved wall between the two lanes. The enemy team controlled that area pretty well (aoe mages and lots of bushes for them to hide out of vision) so we just backed off and waited for them to push it out. Then they won the event. Literally just seconds before they won the event I went to stand on the cart to see why it wasn't moving - surely someone on the enemy team was standing on it still? I saw the cart there. Yet they won, with the cart sitting in their territory. There seems to be a bug that the cart doesn't know where to move and just sits there, but since the enemy team spent enough time standing in the cart circle the game tracked where it should have gone (even though it didn't move, and thus they could safely "push" it without going towards us at all) and the game registered they would have hit a turret and won? However, we never lost a turret. We ended up winning in sudden death, 2 turrets to 0 (got both outers).

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