Academy Ahri destroyed my game

Captured with Lightshot
Playing a bot game as Academy Ahri in customs. We load into the game to find that all character models are invisible, I cannot buy items, (I can get trinket because it costs no gold but then it dissappears) and I cannot leave base. Centering my camera on my champ just goes to around the nexus area. I can click and hear Ahri's voice, but cannot cast abilites as I cannot level them up. Well I tried, 1 point in Q but cannot cast. I have no AP. Runes and Masteries not used. Was gonna quit the game. But. My Blitzcrank got first blood. And Jarvan used his ultimate to get a kill. At level 1. Not losing any health, gaining levels, getting items, or CS these bots are still playing this game. I don't know if it's my pc, as my ping and fps are fine. I'm wholly confused. 21 minutes in. 3 to 2. Enemy Nunu and MF died twice. Jarvan and Blitz have two kills, but Blitz also died twice. Sivir as one kill and asssist. Enemy Lux and Nunu got a kill. We have two turrets to the enemies 4. More kills and turrets are being taken as I type this. Now it's 5 to 4. Now its 8 to 5. At 25 minutes. All at level 1, no items and no skills, and completely invisible. Jarvan Bot is 3/0/2 and is now on a killing spree. Soraka has 6 assists. I'm the only one who can't participate in this game. Is this my PC or is there a big bug?
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