[BUG] After One for All game, client still says "In a game"

I have a bug. We just played a game with all Jinxes vs. all Malzahars. We ended the game around 15-18 minutes (I can't exactly the remember). Anyway, the game went to the victory screen and I hit continue. The "Waiting for Stats" screen came up, and since is wasn't loading, I hit skip stats. I tried to join a queue after that, but a client message kept popping up saying that I was in a game and could not join another. I closed the client and reopened it. When I did, the reconnect to game button came up and I clicked that. My client then locked up and I had to close it. However, when I reopened it again, it started working again. So it's not a huge thing, but I thought I would bring it up.
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