[Ward Skin] Stealth Wards use Incorrect Skin

**Date:** 17 Sept. 2014 **Summary:** In a recent game, I noticed a slight visual error with ward skins. Whenever I placed my trinket or vision ward, the ward placed would have the correct ward skin. However, if I placed a steal ward, then it would use a different skin, even if it is one I do not own. **Repro Steps:** 1. Have a Ward Skin selected for wards 2. Start a custom game (or join a game) 3. Purchase a Steal Ward 4. Place the Steal Ward --- From initial testing, here are a few of the expected ward skins and the placed ward skins on stealth wards (Default skin tested to ensure that it has correct results): * **Expected:** Default. * **Received:** Default. * **Expected:** Fist Bump. * **Received:** Bouquet. * **Expected:** Futbol. * **Received:** All-Star 2014. * **Expected:** Dragonslayer. * **Received:** SKT T1. --- **Similar Reports:** *Incorrect Stealth Ward Skins -* [1](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/pnt2XsHG-ward-bug-plz-fix)
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