PBE problems 10-april-2018

PBE problems 10-april-2018
Post with 5 views. PBE problems 10-april-2018
1. * Purchase limitation of hextech boxes (because 20.000 be is limit on pbe, but you can over limit with disenchant). 2. * Ghost materials (this problem is on live servers also). 3. * Champion shards over 4800 be? (Eh... I think you wrong, we still get under 4800be). 4. * Emotes owned in the shop and missed some of them. 5. * Icons and skins which can not be bought or obtained. 6. * Errors in buying from the shop. 7. * Ghost icons. 8. * Mystery Skin from shop poll set at 10, not at 1. _**OnlyKindness**_ {{sticker:katarina-love}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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