[Force Of Nature] - Dupes items and itself, Allows multiple placed units

Highlight: PBE is SO Bugged now.
This video is intended to be reported to riot's pbe team with the intention on showing a glitch, how it's done (NOT TO REPLICATE!) AND HOPEFULLY PROVIDE THE ...
_**Bug Area**_ In TeamFight Tactics Mode. _**Short Summary**_ Creating force of nature duplicates force of nature itself, any items added onto a champion with force of nature, and allows multiple units to be placed further than levels allowance. _**Body**_ > What were you doing when you found the issue? Playing TFT, trying new strats and new items i don't normally try. > How can we test the issue? Literally just create force of nature, wait until the end of a round, and it will pop off of whoever you placed it on. Place the duped FoN onto anyone to allow more unit slots to be opened. Using an item on someone who you added force of nature onto dupes that item as well. (You can't combine anything with that item however so it'll always stay at its base form.) > Please attach a picture or video, if possible! I did. I'd also like to once again, express to anyone who reads this that this isn't posted for anyone to take advantage of. i've stated in the video provided and i'll do it here that this video wasn't intended to abuse this glitch, but to make sure it was documented for a more swift diagnosis from riot to fix the problem.
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