[CLIENT] Game Tries to Connect to A Match That Ended

I'm currently dealing with a bug that's preventing me from entering the standard client after I ended a match. After the game fully ended, the client didn't put the end score up for a certain duration, and so I skipped the stats, and am now stuck with the "abandoned game" screen whenever I log into the client. Opting to reconnect tries to take me to the completed match, and gives me a "Failed to Connect" error. Exiting the client and relaunching it seems to have no effect. Steps: 1. Log into the client 2. Play a normal match (I played solo on Blind Pick) 3. Play through the match as normal and complete it (I lost the game once the enemy team destroyed the nexus) 4. Press the button to skip stats post-match 5. The bug should at least have a chance of appearing here

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