PBE Client opening Normal Client each new day, until I reinstall the whole PBE Game each time

Every time I restart my computer, my PBE client forgets it's supposed to be a PBE client and launches the normal league client instead. I have to run "League of Legends installer pbe.exe" each new day that I want to play, 4 hours before I plan on playing, just so the installer can recheck all of the files it's already installed, and verify that they are indeed PBE files. Furthermore, what makes this even more strange is that after I run the installer, the pbe launcher can be closed and opened without issue until I restart the computer _**OR MOVE MY PBE FOLDER**_ I saw a Rioter post about the /PBE/ folder needing to be outside of /RiotGames/, so I thought "Oh ok, I can just do a simple cut and paste now that my PBE is launching today" Nope. Moving the folder breaks it and makes it open the normal game again. There has to be some kind of setting flag that I can check to force open the PBE client. Everything is installed. Everything works correctly. **_The only issue is that the PBE refuses to open from the PBE folder for seemingly no reason_**. This is making PBE actually unplayable as I need to lock my computer up to download 1.5gb and "install" 6gb every day before playing.

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