[BUG] - Solo custom games not ending properly.

I've noticed a weird bug with doing custom games alone (with or without bots). Usually, if every human player in a game leaves, the game closes and is deleted without recording stats, and the players get to go back to the main menu (presumably to play another game). However, on PBE if you try to make a game with just you, and then leave it, it'll get stuck on the "You have left a game in progress. Please reconnect to the game" message. Pressing the "Reconnect" button gives you an error: "The game you are attempting to reconnect to has ended. Press OK to return to the main menu" (and then you return to the menu as intended). Steps to reproduce: > Make a custom game with just one human player (have not tested with more than one player yet). > Leave custom game while it is in progress. > Observe how it'll ask you to reconnect, even though the game should have ended and be deleted.
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