[BUG] [Hunt of the Blood Moon map] Victory bug, victory > defeat ; defeat > victory.

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Map: Hunt of the Blood Moon Description: If both teams reach 350 points within 1 second of each other, the 1st team to reach 350 pts loses and the 2nd team wins. Details: I just experienced this bug, watching the replay I can confirm I'm not mistaken. The red team got a kill giving them 350 points (time frame = 14:03), the camera starts moving towards the blue team nexus that is about to explode to display the victory screen, then the blue team kills the herald one second later also giving them 350 points (time frame = 14:04, I believe Shaco's clone got the last hit on the Herald if that matters), and the camera flips back in the other direction towards the red team nexus and displays the defeat screen for the red team. This is not a visual bug, the red team lost despite winning first as you can see on the match history page.
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