[Bots] Soraka Bot stops acting below 600 HP health

Soraka Bot (Custom Game -Summoners Rift- 1v1) stops doing anything after bringing her below 600 HP. I got this bug for multiple Champions whilest testing out the Fanatic skins. (Summoner Spells: Flash, Revive) Steps to experience this Bug: 1.: Create a Custom Game on Summoners Rift and select Soraka as a beginners Bot 2.: Pick any Campion with a Fanatic Skin (dont know if the Skin matters) 3.: Try to catch Soraka and bring her below 600 HP 4.: Soraka will stop moving, casting and doing auto attacks. Luckily i was recording the new Fanatic Skins so i got the bug on video too. If yot want to take a look: http://youtu.be/CxgMlIm4dj0 Hope i could help. Legend Canis
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