Zoe's Spellthief Affecting Turrets

Zoe's Spell Thief Damaging Turrets When testing Zoe on the Practice Tool a few minutes ago, I noticed that the damaging portion of her W ability (Spell Thief) could affect turrets. I thought it could possibly be a feature since it doesn't seem to make her turret destroying power too high, but its behavior is a little weird and it isn't mentioned or implied in the spell's description. It will only attack turrets if there are no other targets nearby (that might differ if you manually attack the turret yourself, similar to it's behavior with the Nexus (described a bit below), but I am unsure. I didn't test that specifically). The thing that seemed most unusual to me though is that it affects inhibitors and the Nexus itself. It does not do this automatically as with the turrets, even if there are no other nearby targets, but it will attack them and deal damage if Zoe manually attacks them. Fortunately, the damage is affected by the bonus protections from anti backdoor bonuses, but it can notably help Zoe's structure takedown time. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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