Camera Lock Bug

There is this bug with the camera in game. Out of nowhere, my camera will just suddenly zoom to a random far corner of the map and when i press **space** to get back to where my character was, I'll realize my camera is now in locked mode. I'll have to either manually unlock it by clicking on the camera icon and dragging it to make it work since sometimes simply clicking the camera or the Y key does not UNLOCK the lock mode This has nothing to do with the recent PBE patch. However, this is a bug that has happened to me in every single server (NA or Garena or PBE) I've played on ever since Season 2. It will happen at least once a day and I just really want to know what is causing this bug and why isn't it fixed now that S5 is coming to an end. I would really appreciate if any Rioter could respond on this.

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