[Bugs] Ashe, the store, and the new sound system.

Hello and welcome to my list of bugs I found in the 3 games today. So let's get started... **Ashe:** Ashe's E. Yup there is a bug with it; not game breaking though. The bug is in the tool tip, if you would look at the attached-photo-1.png ([linked here](http://apollo-pbe-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/1389938007600/attached-photo-1.png)) you can see that it is showing the same amount of gold as minions (like it was pre-patch at rank 1) instead of the new amount of gold from today's patch. Another bug I will cover in more detail in the sound system segment is her auto-attack is silent. **Store:** Buying skins... Buying skins... What did I do... (refer to attached-photo-2.png - [linked here](http://apollo-pbe-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/1389938056723/attached-photo-2.png)) Well I managed to recreate the bug on 3 occasions without fail... Here is how I did it: * From the clients landing page hit the store button * Then go to the "Skins" tab * After that sort by champion * Then go to sort by release day * Keep doing this and the names multiply **IMPORTANT UPDATE** After I reset the client I could not recreate this bug again. **Sound System:** All the champions became mutes, bullets from pow-pow lacked the pow, and the announced stepped out for a coffee break. (No champions voice lines, no auto-attack sounds, and no announcer) But in short a lot of sound assets are gone, and this is to be expected. Those were just the obvious ones I found and really stood out. (Nice touch with the torches crackling :3) **Closing Statement** There isn't much of one because this is a report of bugged content... but since you got to the bottom and read this I guess you deserve this. THANKS FOR READING!!! . ~Lynk "I'll bring the Big One!" - Ziggs PBE Tester since March, 2012!
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