[Bug] Shield Bash damage has the same strength, after leveling up, to permanent shielded champions

[PBE] League of Legends, Shield Bash Bug
Shield Bash preseason rune bugged in damage, keeping the same damage at the same level Malphite got a shield. Recorded on PBE, patch v8.22, 10/23
Champions with permanent shield like Malphite, Rakan and Mordekaiser has some problems in triggering the shield bash rune considering you need to lose the shield to be able to proc it again. But the main problem on this is that this kind of champions, once they gain the shield, the rune is set up to deal such amount of damage at the moment the champion got the shield, and it doesnt update. Basically, that means that if you *somehow* manage to keep a Malphite shield from level 1 to level 18 (exaggerating ofc), the rune damage will be the same as Malphite was level 1 instead of level 18, simply because he didnt lose that shield at that level. Steps: 1. Get Malphite/Rakan ingame and keep the shield at Level 1 all cost 2. Level up a couple of times without losing the shield (eg: Level 3) 3. Attack an enemy champion 4. The Shield Bash rune damage will be the same damage like you were at level 1 instead of level 3 This is the shield using Practise Tool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5c0JFNGn3ZA Comments: - Shield Bash doesnt work, in any ways, on Mordekaiser Passive Shield. Not even losing it completely and reseting the shield makes it functional. - Shield Bash only triggers once per shield gain, which makes sense in balance, but champions with permanent shield will have a hard time making the rune work for it, since they need to take intentional damage to make the rune work again - The video was made to make the bug reproduction faster. If it was made on a normal way (via custom game or normal game), it would happened the same bug Special thanks to PixelButts to help me finding that bug. He posted the Mordekaiser Shield Bash bug thread below this one.

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