[Bug] Alistar E procs by itself after W

While doing Alistar Combo, people usually does W + Q + E to do said combo. https://imgur.com/jVY5PLk But, if you manage to do an Alistar combo with E before Q (W + E + Q), his E will be bugged and it will get triggered every time Alistar uses W https://imgur.com/iXrDfSN Steps: 1) Upgrade the 3 skills (doesnt matter the level) 2) Perform the combo W + E + Q 3) Let E and W get off cooldown 4) Use W on something 5) E will trigger 100% of the times if you have enough mana Like it says in step 5, it will not trigger if you dont have enough mana to trigger E (even if you dont want to) Youll be able to use E anytime, but if you use W, it will trigger E at the time W animation ends.
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