Black Market Brawler completely stops after 10+ minutes

_**As of 7/15/2015, it appears that the problem has come back after the server maintenance and recent build; Though is may be an isolated issue with some players, not all**_ ---------------------------------------------------- {{item:3070}} **~~FIXED~~** {{item:3070}} Disclaimer: So, it appears that the problem is spread among ALL the game modes; not just Black Market Brawlers is having DC issues. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So after playing the new game for more than 10+ minutes, my ping shoots to exactly 500 and freezes me from doing anything (Like a normal disconnect). I decided to leave the game and upon doing so, I'm met with a screen displaying, "Skip Result". When I click it, I'm sent right to the home screen. I'm able to start a new Queue and continue as if i wasn't in a game a few minutes prior. [Here's the video]( The video shows how the game goes on pass the 10 minute mark and then freezes at 500 ping. (Sorry about the music)
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