Yasuo windwall bug

Yasuo windwall bug
Uploaded by AngelsAdvocate on 2019-09-30.
1.bug Yasuo is sometimes moving randon without clicking anything also sometimes attacking without having autoattack on. Yasuo's windwall bug occurs when you dash trough an enemy and press w middash( I tested it with dummys). On the 4th dummy (8sec of the video) I pressed E and W but the E has been canceld and Yasuo started autoattacking. I was testing the secound bug and tried out doing things with the windwall, you can test it by doing the things I wrote above. 2.bug Also ingame with Yasuo but I dont know if this is normal or a bug. The same thing as top, if Yasuo dashes trough an enemy and press Q first then W middash, Yasuo will throw his windwall middash if you dont press Q but press W he will throw his windwall at the end of the dash.
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