Random Disconnects [MAJOR Issue] [Megathread]

Not sure what's been going on with randomly getting dropped from games. Especially with sometimes being able to rejoin and sometimes being totally screwed in that regard. I can't really test anything if I can't stay connected. For now, I've found _minor success with using Task Manager to crash the client outright, forcing it to manually reconnect_, but I just disconnected twice in the same Poro King match. I'll try to supply logs and the like shortly. I know that helps you guys understand a bit more, even if it's total jargon to me. For now, I'd ask all of the other PBE Testers that suffer from this issue please supply what they can to make the process go as smoothly as possible. It's not like Riot is God Almighty. So any help we can supply might just make it easier. **EDIT:** Riot, on your end, I'd suggest disabling LeaverBuster and Low Priority Queues for the time being, seeing as they're causing more issues than they're preventing Right now.
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