Pyke Q's information is misleading, please read.

Pyke Q's is misleading in damage to enemy minions. The Tap ability doesn't deal full damage to all enemies in a line. The full damage is dealt to the first enemy, but not to the rest, although the full damage on the tool tip is not applied in game. The damage counter says 316 + (5 AD) but only deal 279 damage to minions. The minions have 0 armor, so it should deal the full damage. This is also with the dummies. with 50% armor reduction (standard 100 armor) they would receive 158 damage, but only receive 139 damage. The dummy lined up with minions is pretty weird. The minion that get hit first gets the calculated full damage, but the other minions are hit with 50% less damage. The dummy gets hit first, and then the first minion receives full damage, but the rest does not. This also applies when minion is in front of dummy, and minions behind. The minion in front gets damage, dummy as well, but remaining minions do not. This problem is applied in all 3 lanes. The Holding Q ability tooltip, however, is correct. Deals the correct damage according to the tooltip.
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