[Shop] - Chroma Page Shows an Error message on a White Background

I clicked on the chroma page in the shop and it worked fine. I then clicked on bundles to check if the chromas were in bundles making them easier to buy. Since I saw that they were not, I clicked back onto chromas and got this error message. Once I post this I will edit it underneath to see if the problem persists if I click around, relog, etc. Just want to report the bug before I do anything else. I am running on a Mac OS https://imgur.com/423dRms UPDATE: Clicking loot(or anything else) and going back to the store fixes the error, but I am actually able to replicate the bug by going back to bundles, then quickly clicking on skins and then selecting chromas. Important - Doing it slowly does not cause the bug -- It seems like not giving the skins section enough time to load fully before clicking on the chromas causes the error message. UPDATE 2: Stupid of me to overlook this...it is not just the bundles page...going to the skins>chromas from any page causes the issue. Also, if you click chromas, then spam click in the area so that as soon as chromas button comes up again, you immediately click on it, it also gives the error message. UPDATE 3: I just checked Gamplay>boosts, accessories>ward skins, and accessories>summoner icons and none of them caused the bug even though they are the second and third "selection boxes" in their menus...Also I did check the first options in all of the menus(skins included) and none of them experienced the issue except for the chromas which I am still able to replicate. Please Try this and see if you also get this error message
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