PBE League Client - Game Server Shutdown Caused Reconnecting Bug

Summary: When the server went down for maintenance I was mid-game and closed the game down when I checked the server status, when the server came back up I booted up my game to find that my PBE account it trying to get me to re-connect to the game I was in before the server shut down, however because of the shut down there is not game to reconnect to, please reset my accounts "Game is still in progress..." message if possible. Testing Steps: 1. Clicked "Retry" on the "Failed to Connect" popup. 2. Closed the "Failed to Connect" popup box by hitting "Cancel". 3. League Client still says "In Game". 4. Closed PBE. 5. Launched PBE. 6. Client attempts to reconnect me to the no longer existing game which starts the process back over at step 1. 7. Created this post after learning that the other bug report feature funnily enough, has a bug.
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