Red Marker Moving thingy (MAC)

Hey fellow PBE Summoners! Okay so, it seems every time I /all chat and press escape on my apple keyboard, it makes a red marker appear and i cannot see skill-shots, shop, and when I move around minions it makes attack them, It usually occurs all maps and not sure if it's just my keyboard or my LoL settings, I've double checked both and not sure. I leave the the game and rejoin just because of A. Hitting champs and making my team mates thing I'm feeding, B. can't even shop and C. not being able to see skill-shots (It acts like a quick cast) It hasn't happened before after this patch and last patch, I didn't have time to make a discussion but here it is. I would like some help and it'll be greatly appreciated, Thanks! (The picture is the keyboard I am using.) ~Flipzy:)
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