Ivern ARAM Bug

In this and already in the last patch I, and at least someone in my own team, had a bug playing against an Ivern (once Candy King, once Dunkmaster with a chroma). I guess it is always occuring but i've only had to play against Ivern in 2 games. All Random makes it hard to get more tests^^ While Ivern was in the game parts of the map acted like bushes, even if there was no Ivern bush. They did not hide units but gave them that semi-visible overlay as if you are standing in a bush or if an ally stands in a bush. I am not shure if once in the game there was a bush from ivern or if they just apear randomly. it did make enemy and ally champions or minions semi-visible as long as they were in that area. not shure either if those places were permanently there through the whole game.
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