Title: [Summoners Rift] - PROJECT: Akali Skin Display Issue

Title: [Summoners Rift] - PROJECT: Akali Skin Display Issue Bug area This bug occured on Summoner's Rift in an Urf game. Short summary When loading into the game, POJECT: Akali's image does not display. When entering the game, non of Akali's ability visual's appear. When I asked the enemy team, they said they could not see it either, including the player him/herself. Body I was playing Neeko in the same game. Possibly playing PROJECT: Akali in an urf game can replicate it. I tried loading in PROJECT: Akali via training tool but it worked just fine. https://imgur.com/iaFVeBT https://imgur.com/zCE5l9a https://vimeo.com/366174104 https://vimeo.com/366174081 https://vimeo.com/366174111
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