Skin Portrait Bugs

Adding Skin Portraits to all skins
Hail, summoners! ** Let's talk about in-game splashes! Splashes, those awesome images I could never hope to draw, appear in several different places once you’re in the game itself. Many splash elements, such as the minimap, kill callouts, and scoreboard- **need **to remain as the base spl
**Hello friends!** Skin Portraits should be on PBE soon, and there will be bugs. So, this is a nice handy thread to contain them! **Reminder: The correct behavior on this project is that it ONLY affects the circle to the left of your QWER. No other assets should change. ** Currently, the following bugs are known and will be fixed up shortly: ~~ * Some transforming characters revert back to base when transforming (Elise, Nidalee, Shyvana) * Some more recent skins (and some older ones) aren't hooked up yet, or are marked placeholder~~ I'll be monitoring this thread throughout the PBE cycle, so please let me know if you encounter any issues with the Portraits. Thank you! Changelog: * Most of the missing / placeholder assets have been integrated. Huzzah! I still have a few to get over the next coming days. This is top priority (Priority is: Getting all Splashes > Fixing Transformation issues > No more alpha issues (white corners) > Fixing some brightness issues). * Transforms have been fixed up, and most missing splashes are in, save Omega Squad and the 7.16 ones. Working on fixing a few bugs still. * Tuesday PBE should have *all* portraits in. Tracking them down took a while. I have a few alpha (white corners) to fix, then I'll start on a _few_ brightness ones.
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