Lunar Diana + Riven Reminder

There are 4 visual problems with Diana's new skin which are extremely hard to ignore. 1 - When her passive is up, it always looks corrupted and only glows on the feet and skirt in a glitchy manner. 2 - Her death animation reverts her back to her default skin. Is this just incomplete and will be changed later or is it possibly a bug? The following are not bugs and I'm aware that a bug-report thread should only clearly report bugs but I've included it all in one thread rather than make two since it is the same topic. 3 - Her legs and feet are completely different colours from the rest of her body and makes them look dirty. I assume this was for a shading effect but nowhere on SR does this work. It just looks wrong. 4 - Her eyes face opposite directions. As in the opposite of crossed. This is why people are currently saying she has a potato/derp face. Even fully zoomed out this is very clear. Duplicating the passive glitchiness or the skin revert on death isn't an issue, it happens every time. Like mentioned before I'd rather not make multiple threads so I want to say that this new Riven skin reminded me that Championship Riven's E still has the old green particles instead of blue. This was of course repeatedly reported but never changed. Maybe now that another Riven skin is being worked on they can take a moment to change the colour of Championship's E to match the rest of the skin. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Any information regarding any of this would be appreciated. Screenshots of the buggy passive and reverting death animation attached. ____________________________________________________________________________________ *Edit:* Parrot has confirmed these are not bugs and that the skin is just incomplete currently. ____________________________________________________________________________________

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