[Bug] Elise not turned invincible if in rappel when nexus dies

Steps i took to produce the bug: 1. Play Elise against bots in a custom game 2. Destroy the enemy Nexus; Rappel shortly before it explodes 3. Get hit by Gho'Gaths basic attack with Vorpal Spikes and Rupture after descending back to the ground 4. Die while the nexus explodes I tried to reproduce the bug without any bots or players by using rappel in the enemy fountain as the enemy nexus exploded, but i survived. Maybe this only happens because the AI champions are treated differently from human controlled champions (the bots tend to walk around after the nexus explodes)? Maybe i did not rappel early enough in the second game for the bug to occur? I attached the replay with bots (PBE1-33901522.rofl) and the replay without any bots (PBE1-33901957.rofl). The important parts are obviously at the end, but i tested the normal behavior of the fountain with rappel at 11:00 in the second replay. The bug is not severe in this instance, since the game is already decided, but it could potentially affect situations mid game as well as ranked stats.
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