New Summoner Spells & Masteries on the PBE (10/31/2013)

*Please remember that things on the PBE are **tentative** and highly subject to change! Some assets are in a high state of flux, so you can expect even placeholder assets where we’re trying to get additional art in.* **Summary**: We want to increase diversity with summoner spell choices in League of Legends. Additionally, we’ve done our annual overhaul of masteries and you can check them out in-game. **SUMMONER SPELLS WILL NOT BE GOING OUT WITH 3.14 I GOOFED SORRY** **Summoner Spells** *Certain summoner spells have become firmly entrenched within the League of Legends metagame while others have stagnated. We are tweaking summoner spells to make picking non-standard summoner spells a reasonable choice.* **Ghost** * Cooldown rescaled to 180/160/140/120 from 180 * Now grants ~~15%~~ 20% Multiplicative Movement Speed from 27% Additive Movement Speed * Grants 75% Multiplicative Movement Speed in the first second * Now immediately updates your pathing on cast * Ghost cannot be cast if you are immobilized **Ignite** * Damage rescaled based on game time * Now also reveals the target for the duration. **Exhaust** * Attack Speed reduction reduced to 30% from 50% * Movement Speed reduction rescaled to 30/35/40/45% from 30%. **Heal** * Now a targeted spell, casting this on yourself will target you and the closest nearby ally * Cast Range increased to 900 from 600 * Cooldown reduced to 180 seconds from 300 seconds * Grants 30% movespeed to both targets for 1 second **Teleport** * Cooldown reduced to 180 seconds when targetting an allied building * Cooldown increased to 300 seconds when cancelled or interrupted **Cleanse** * Successfully cleansing an effect that prevents you from moving creates a shockwave that knocks nearby enemy's back slightly. **Smite** * Cooldown lowered to 40 sec. * Damage reduced at early character levels, same damage at level 18. **Clarity** * Now only available on Howling Abyss **Revive** * Now only available on Dominion --- **Masteries** *Masteries that amplified summoner spells have been removed, as they unfairly penalized players who adapted to the enemy strategy by selecting summoner spells outside their preferred tree.* * Masteries have been updated.
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