One for all - why it's NOT fun and what can we do to BE fun.

Ok, i've played it a bit and i can tell you it's NOT that fun: **Champion select**: bans are ok, vote system is ok as well. But then again, like it happens with ARAM - le wild Ezreal/Lux/Nidalee lover appears and if his champion doesn't get through he leaves. It's not that bad though. And the biggest issue - it's 5x vs 5y, two different champions, picked blindly. I will back to it soon **The map**: Summoners Rift is cool, but it would be awesome to have a queue for Howling Abyss **The gameplay**: now you know what enemy team has. So, would like to play 5 {{champion:99}} against 5 {{champion:62}} ? Or maybe 5 {{champion:74}} vs 5 {{champion:38}} Yeah... This happened to me and it was fun only for 1 team, guess which. Some champions just got advantage over other one and unless enemy team is insanely bad, you have no chance to win. You can grind for ages ({{champion:74}} vs {{champion:38}}, 50 min game) but there's like no possibility to win. It's NOT fun. Unlike 5v5 same champion where one team is just better and everyone had fun times, here it's non existant. People start to fight with each other (wtf why you even wanted to pick that champion? lol) and it's as bad as in losing team in ranked. So, what can we do about it? My suggestion: **Make it 5x vs 5x queue**: It was hell fun, everyone got the same chance, the better team just wins. When the mode leaked on live servers everyone had fun no matter if they were losing or not. Make the 10 same champions queue while leaving 5x vs 5y optional in custom game. Yup, that's all.
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